Human Resource Management Services

  • Affirmative Action Plans – Development and Implementation

Implementing a productive affirmative action programme is paramount for the survival of your business, whether or not you qualify as a designated employer as per the definition of the Affirmative Action (Employment) Act. We will take you through the process of consulting, devising, implementing, and reviewing an affirmative action strategy.

  • Disciplinary/Grievance Investigations and Consulting

Disciplinary or grievance complaints are serious issues. They need to be investigated and resolved speedily. Failing to do so may be costly in the long run. This includes complaints on sexual harassment and equal employment opportunities.

  • HR System Audits

What is the current condition of your human resources management system? Are you complying with legal requirements? Could some minor changes bring practical advantage to your organisation? We will review your system and make suggestions or recommendations, if appropriate.

  • Personnel Policies and Procedures

Do you need to streamline policies and procedures with regard to the effective and efficient management of your human resources? We will compile personnel policies and procedures for your organisation’s own needs.

  • Manpower Planning and Succession Planning

You know that your staff needs training but you do not know where to start. We will conduct a full training needs analysis for you, based on output performance, ensuring that you spend your training expenses on the right kind of training requirements. This service is again broken up into separate tools or a holistic programme consisting of job descriptions, training needs analysis, succession planning and manpower development programme


In-house Training Services

The Management Advantage Consultancy specialises in in-house training sessions rather than open-house training. This allows the clients to choose specific internal skills enhancement programmes which in turn can be customised to address specific needs identified by the client.

  • Basic and Advanced Management Skills

Start with the basics. If you want to enhance your supervisors and managers skills or wish to implement some or other popular programme, you had better give your supervisors and managers a solid foundation in the basic management skills first. The training courses offered are designed to complement each other and provide development blocks from the supervisory, to mid-management, to management level training.

  • Communication skills – report writing, PowerPoint presentations
  • Decision-making and problem solving skills
  • Leadership skills – motivation, change management, time management, performance, teambuilding
  • Industrial relation skills – negotiations, disciplinary enquiries, appeals, counselling,
  • Coaching skills – mentor and protégé relationships
  • Managing current legal requirements – in terms of human resource administration

are essential for managers to survive in today’s workplace. The focus is on in-house development and the shift is toward an in-house Management Development Programme.

  • Diversity Management Training

An ever-increasing important skill required by supervisors, mid-managers and managers alike. Getting the most out of your human resources, taking cognisance of the diverse background of your staff. Coaching and mentoring skills as well as affirmative action programme development are included in this programme.

  • Strategic Human Resources Management

Do you need to align your human resources with your overall strategic plan? Do you need to convert your HR department into a results oriented, bottom-line driven business unit? We will provide the necessary guidance and training to your HR department to transform them into an integral part of your organisation.


Dispute Resolution Services

  • Rule 6 and District Labour Court Cases (in the interim)

Are you overwhelmed with the legal implications of the unfair dismissal procedure? What are your rights as an employer? We will represent your interests at the Rule 6 Conferences and/or District Labour Courts/Labour Courts.

  • ConArb Preparation

In terms of the revised Labour Act, the employer may not rely on legal representatives to state their cases before the Arbitrator and must present their case themselves. The Consultancy will assist you in the preparation of the case under dispute, giving emphasis on the opening statement, claim of relief, leading evidence, cross questioning, and closing arguments. We are also a member of the Namibia Employers’ Federation and would be able to represent members of this Federation at dispute resolution proceedings.

  • Private Conciliation and Arbitration Services

The MAC, is qualified to provide for private conciliation and/or arbitration services in an effort to resolve labour disputes speedily.  The member(s) of The MAC has been accredited as a qualified Conciliator/Arbitrator in terms of the revised Labour Act.


Consulting Service Information

  • General Consulting

Often it provides peace of mind to bounce an idea or line-of-thought off someone or even to exchange points of view on a particular issue. We provide a consulting service on all of the above-mentioned products and services and more.