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The Management Advantage Consultancy is proud to announce that it has been appointed as the exclusive agent in Namibia for the distribution of and training on the internationally acclaimed Thomas International System.

The Thomas International System is designed to identify and capitalize on the strengths of people – maximizing an organisation’s return on human investment through the use of best practices and technology.

Thomas International Systems are a leading international managerial aid to recruiting, selecting, training, developing, counseling, career planning, team bonding and team management. They identify and utilise individual strengths and enable employers to release the full potential of their people. The use of Thomas International Systems assists managers to motivate, stimulate and energise individuals in the work environment and both directly and indirectly raise their self-esteem, confidence and enthusiasm.



Identifying people who will perform efficiently and effectively within a given culture avoids costly mistakes.

As the corporate environment becomes more streamlined and the spotlight is focused on maximizing productivity, having the right people in the right position becomes critical. Even more importantly, the person must be suited not only to the position but also to the corporate culture, the team, and the manager.

If any of these four facets is mismatched the candidate’s chances of succeeding and developing their potential are significantly reduced. With the aid of Thomas International Systems, managers are able to understand, direct and motivate team members toward improved personal, group and corporate achievements.

Thomas International Systems assures that :

  • Enhanced recruitment and development processes lead to higher staff retention levels, substantial savings and motivated, enthusiastic employees
  • By managing diversity through better understanding of people, companies benefit from the full array of employee strengths while remaining fully aware of specific limitations that could potentially lead to conflict and sub-standard performance

THOMAS INTERNATIONAL has a proven track record spanning over half a century in use in over 40 countries with 24 languages and 30 000 clients

THOMAS INTERNATIONAL employs over 300 consultants around the globe and is widely acknowledged as the forerunner in identifying and maximizing staff potential

THOMAS INTERNATIONAL is also credited with the creation of unique, sophisticated systems for use by managers in the broad arena of human behaviour and development.

In pursuit of its motto “Good People Management” The Management Advantage Consultancy will introduce the Thomas International Systems to the Namibian employers during the month of October, 2002. Further details regarding the launch will be forwarded to you in the near future.

For specific information contact The Management Advantage Consultancy on :

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