Who are we ?

Holger Sircoulomb is the managing member of The Management Advantage Consultancy cc. During the past seventeen years he has gained extensive experience in the human resource management discipline, and has specalised in the Industrial Relations and conflict resolution processes. He has obtained his qualifications in human resource management and related fields at the Cape Technikon, UNISA, his MBA at the University of Stellenbosch, and Post Graduate Diploma in Law (Conciliation and Arbitration) through the ILO.

Kenlis Sircoulomb is a human resources management generalist with seventeen years experience in the human resource discipline. She focuses on training and development and application of computerized human resource management tools, such as job grading, career pathing, and psychometric testing

What is our Mission ?

Under the long-term vision of "SOLUTIONS PROVIDED", our mission is to support the Human Resource Management Profession within Namibia so that our clients may meet their functional objectives of procurement, integration, development, maintenance and separation of their own human resources in pursuit of the respective organisational goals and objectives.


Agency Agreements

The Management Advantage Consultancy strives to provide a holistic human resource management function and to this end enters into agency agreements with reputable principals, whose service and products are world class. To this end we are proud to be associated with the following companies and products which we have pleasure in bringing to Namibia for the benefit of Namibia.

  • Renwick Reward

The Job Evaluation Manager, a computerized grading system, is brought to Namibia for a more efficient and cost effective grading process. The JE Manager is becoming a popular alternative to the tedious and time-consuming grading processes currently available to Namibian businesses. The JE Manager is a stand-alone grading system which can be customized for specific company requirements and can also be collaborated with the more commonly used grading systems of Paterson, Peromnes and Hays System. Companies have the option of buying the system or using the JE facilitator to grade jobs on a consulting basis.

  • Thomas International

Thomas International specializes in management systems (computerized) that help employers in the process of staff recruitment, selection appraisal, training, career development and other aspects of human resourcing. Services include, but are not confined to :

  • Personal Profile Analysis : is a leader in behaviour profiling (DISC). It can be used in virtually every aspect of human relations within the work environment. The PPA can be incorporated into every aspect of an organisation’s HR strategy, from recruitment to retirement.
  • Test for Selection and Training : is an example of the very latest and most advanced normative aptitude tests available. The TST system is relevant to work roles at all levels. It is the “workplace IQ test” and has been developed to assess fluid intelligence and indicate learning ability. Excellent tool for assessing potential in terms of recruitment, promotions,  career pathing, bursary applications, etc.
  • Team Audit : allows an organisation to identify the ideal team culture, assess the actual team culture, and provide a gap analysis in terms of behavioural and role fit. It also assesses every team member against the ideal and actual team cultures. Its unique strength is that the system gets to the root cause of team problems in hours, rather than months.
  • Assessment Centre : The Thomas PPAC programme  is applied internationally and is known to be culture fair. The profiles generated by the PPAC programme are used extensively in the appointment of senior executives, career management, succession planning and formulating detailed and personalised training and development plans.

The Thomas Premier Psychometric Assessment Centre comprises of three or more psychometric assessment techniques.  Firstly, profiles are generated to establish behavioral style and leadership potential. Secondly, an assessment is made of the propensity for further personal growth and development.  Thirdly, individual attributes, or business competencies, which are generally associated with commercial and industrial roles in the private sector, are identified. A number of other instruments, such as Myers-Briggs and Personal Values, can also be included.

The Thomas Key System can be purchased or the organisation can opt to have the above mentioned and other systems applied on a consultative basis

We trust that the above information will provide you with a solid overview of the services and products we can provide so that your planning, organising, directing and controlling of your human resources may be enhanced to the end that individual, organisational, and societal objectives are accomplished.



Satisfied clients who appointed the Consultancy for various interventions include amongst others, 

  • Karas Abattoir and Tannery Producers
  • Okorusu Fluorspar Mine
  • Ongopolo Mine
  • Neo Paint Factory
  • Namibia Breweries Ltd
  • NamWater
  • First National Bank
  • Nedbank Namibia
  • Rosh Pinah Zinc
  • Skorpion Zinc
  • Ministry of Regional and Local Government and Housing
  • Ohlthaver and List and its subsidiaries
  • Road Contractor Company
  • Pupkewitz Megabuild

and any can be contacted for references in terms of their satisfaction and the Consultancy’s professionalism.